Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs
Committee Assignments 2018




   Filled By

Alabama Fire College Personnel Standards Commission

   Brandy Williams

Alabama State Emergency Medical Control Committee

Michael Bartlett

Alabama Firefighter Annuity Fund

Chris Mullins

Alabama First Responders Wireless Commission

Jon Lord

Alabama Joint Fire Council

(1)     Jon Lord
(2)    Gene Necklaus
(3)    Gary Sparks

Coalition Against Bigger Trucks

Joey Darby

Conference Planning/Professional Dev. Committee

(1)    Michael Stephens

(2)    Marvin Green

(3)    Jeremy Lami

(4)    Jeff Waldrep

(5)   Host Chief

(6)    John Lord

Professional Dev. Comm.
Wade Buckner (C)
Matt Missildine

Constitution and By-Laws Committee

(1)    Wade Bucker CH.
(2)   Tim Love
(3)    Chris Etheridge

Finance Committee

(1)     Joey Darby

Fire Rescue Group Purchasing

Gene Coleman

Legislative Committee

(1)    Gene Necklaus
(2)    Wayne Shirley

Membership Committee

(1)     Ben Stewart (C)
(2)    Larry Seals
(3)    Brandy Williams
(4)    Chris Etheredge

Nominations/Elections/chief of year

North – Brandy Williams
Central- Michael Bartlett (C)
Southeast- Cory Spurlin
Southwest- Jeff Ludlam


Larry Williams

Sergeant at Arms

Kenny Booth

Southeast Alabama EMS Council

 Matt Jordan

Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs

Joey Darby

State Advocate for Fire Exploring
Gene Coleman

Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention
Jonathan Ledbetter
Jason Brown

Social Media:
Gene Coleman
Gene Nechlaus

Unmanned Aerial Systems


National Center for Fire and Life Safety
Gene Necklaus

Safe Haven
Jon Head